Eating to Live / Not Living to Eat

Food has been an emotional crutch for most people. It is time to stop living to eat and instead eat to live.

Eating to live begins with healthy food that benefits our body, mind and spirit. I have found that when I am eating fresh live (uncooked) food I feel ALIVE! I can think more clearly, I feel more grounded emotionally, I sleep better, feel and look younger, and have the energy to achieve what's needed each day. Everything on this planet is made up of chemistry and physics period! Our body is no different. Humans are homo sapiens - fruit eaters, like it or not! That is how God has created us. Can we maintain and sustain life on cooked foods, meat and dairy? Absolutely and we have for thousands of years. However, how healthy are we for it? There is an epidemic of illness and disease. Everyone has one ailment or another that is so common doctors will cal this "normal" In my opinion this is NOT normal nor should it be. We should be thriving in health and wellness, this can easily be achieved by nourishing our body not just feeding it. Nourishment starts by eating alkaline forming foods that energize our system. Fruits and fruity veggies are packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to energize our cells and hydrate/alkaline our body. Every one of us deserves nothing less than to feel amazing! People who are eating clean beautiful raw foods glow inside and out! Let this be the day you celebrate yourself by taking care of YOU!!!

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