Cleansing the body helps to rid the body of impurities while alkalizing your system to achieve a health and vitality.  

Cleanses will stir up detox symptoms this is why I have designed 4 different cleanses for you to choose from. 

1. Grape fast -  Deep tissue regenerative detoxification  cleanse

2. Grapes, Melons and berries - Less intense deep tissue regenerative  detoxification cleanse 

3. Juice cleanse  - Regenerative Detoxification Cleanse

4. Raw food Cleanse -  GREAT FOR BEGINNERS  - Gentle Cleanse 

For those of you who are NOT on our nutrition therapy program  FOLLOW THE HOW TO PREPARE FOR A CLEANSE -  MOST IMPORTANT !!

PREPARING FOR YOUR CLEANSE  -  I can not stress enough how important it is to prepare yourself for a cleanse .  For those of you who are not already on a nutrition therapy program it is very important that you prepare a few days ahead of time.  Cut down on those delicious indulgences : coffee, sugar, meat, dairy, grains  and begin to add in fruits and veggies in every meal. 

ORDER YOUR HERBS - FAB 4  - Do not begin your cleanse without your herbal support.  Trust me you will need it! 

NO FAREWELL TO FAVORITE FOODS THE DAY BEFORE  CLEANSE ! - I do not recommend eating  a huge steak or BBQ Ribs the night before you begin a cleanse.  You will NOT be a happy camper by the end of Day One.   

3 Days Before - if you eat meat begin to phase it out now.  

2 Days Before - Salads should be on the menu - yams or sweet potatoes with some roasted veggies would be good if you need more substance.

1 Day Before - Raw or lightly steamed veggies such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard: try to avoid starchy veggies like carrots, potatoes, beets, squash etc.  Eat plenty of fruit, smoothies along with salads  

POST CLEANSE  - You will want to  break the cleanse gently so not to shock your system.  

Day 1 -2  Fresh fruit, raw to highly steamed veggies, green salads 

Day 3  Salads and cooked veggies if you need more substance add in brown rice and yams

Day 4- 5 - Begin to introduce steamed or poached fish with veggies 

Detox - Remember better out than in - The formula for health and vitality is alkaline and detox.  We must alkaline the body by eating foods that our body is designed to consume while eliminating waste in the body through detoxification.  Cleaning up what you eat also means cleaning out what you ate.  


Eating alkaline forming foods will promote a healthy terrain for which toxins, harmful parasites, fungus and harmful bacteria can not thrive.

We as people are homo sapiens ( fruit eaters)  Our species is biologically designed to consume fruits, fruity veggies, nuts , seeds and herbs.  


Cleansing the body begins with the elimination of toxins, chemicals, parasites, fungus, acidic cellular waste through our eliminative organs.


Two areas of the body to focus on while cleansing

Digestive waste - elimination of food waste through the colon 

Cellular Waste - elimination of cellular waste from the lymphatic system and out the kidneys.  

Our cells are like little people, they eat and eliminate through two interstitial fluids.  Blood ( 20% of the bodies fluid ) feeds the cells , lymphatic fluid (80% of the bodies fluid) cleans the cells.   

HERBAL SUPPORT -  The 4 Way Herbs go along with our 4 day cleanses to support these systems and is a vital part of the cleanse.  You will want the support trust me!  The herbs  will make it much easier on your body and provide the necessary support needed to cleanse effectively.  


The 4 Way herbs  include  kidney 1 , Adrenal, Parasite M , and Stomach and Bowel.  These 4 herbal blends will support your lymphatic system, which is the sewer line of the body,  by transporting the  acidic cellular waste from the body out the kidneys.  Supporting the kidneys in this mammoth job is a necessity not an option.  The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys so it is very important to support the adrenal glands as well.  Parasites, fungus, harmful bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic environment.  During your cleanse we will be alkalizing your system providing an environment for which these harmful critters can not thrive or dwell.  The parasite M formula is an anti fungal, anti parasite and anti harmful bacterial formula.    Stomach and bowel formula is a great formula to clean out your GI tract and stomach to promote  healthy digestion.  


Alkaline and Detox is the golden key to health and vitality and the ever sought after quest for youth.  It is anti aging !  

The first couple of days are the most difficult but if you can make it to day 3 -4 you will notice mental clarity, more energy, noticeable skin improvement, less stiffness in joints providing more mobility basically the anti aging effect will begin to occur and before you know it your hooked! 

 Once you get a taste of healthy vibrant living you will want to remain on this incredible path.


* If you find this to be something you would like to build a lifestyle around  contact me so we can get you on a great nutrition therapy program.  I offer an iridology analysis  to target areas of concern regarding degeneration, chronic and acute issues as well as simply wanting to achieve maximum levels of health and wellness.  


The diet and herbs are tailored to your specific needs and requirements as well as conforming to your lifestyle.  My goal is to help you succeed in achieving your specific health goals.  


If you are interested in a nutrition therapy program of your own 

DETOXIFICATION HEALING REACTIONS ARE TEMPORARY.  The herbal support will relieve  the clearing symptoms quickly by supporting the glands, organs and lymphatic system.  By day 3 you will feel  significantly better mentally, emotionally and physically 


Detox Symptoms May Include:

Fatigue, flu like symptoms,  Headache, constipation/diarrhea, skin eruptions, dry mouth, stiffness in joints  


Positive reactions - Mental clarity, Increased sexual drive, focus and productivity, sense of calm and grounded persona, skin and hair sheen, joint flexibility, swelling will go down, improved digestive health, increased energy. 

1. Grape Fast 

Grape fasting is a high energy, astringent potent cleansing fast.   Grapes are high in electrolytes and anti oxidants.  This fast is a very strong hydrating and anti aging healing fast.   

Day 1-4  

Grapes and grape juice throughout the day 

 Between grapes and juice drink plenty of lemon water.  An hour should not go by without consuming grapes, grape juice or lemon water. 

 4 WAY HERBAL KIT  - To be taken 3 times a day and as instructed in your kit. 


2. Grapes, Berries and Melons 

Grapes ,Berries and Melon are all high energy and healing foods.   These 3 fruits  contain the ultimate nutrients the human body requires to heal and rejuvenate.   The high energy vibrational found in  these three types of fruits will hydrate and energize cells to rebuild and balance a perfect healthy terrain to provide health and vitality to the body encouraging healing reactions and anti aging occurrences.  

High electrical foods (alkaline foods ) are healing and hydrating a must for healthy and vitality!

Melons should always be eaten alone!  Never mix melons with any other foods.  Eating simply by eating one food at a time is the best for the body.  Melons are essential to be eaten alone.  Melons bring down swelling in the body by supporting the lymphatic system by moving the lymphatic fluids.  

Melons - watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, papaya, ect..

Berries-Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, acacia berries, goji berries

Grapes - Red, Black or purple grapes contain higher energy vibrations. 

Lemon water 

Day 1-4 

Begin your day with plenty of melon!  

Grazing is the best way to eat.  Every hour eat melon, berries, grapes or juices containing grapes and berries.  Between eating and juicing drink plenty of lemon water.


-   To be taken 3 times a day or as instructed in your kit. 

3. Juice Fast 

Juice fasting is a great way to clean the body.   I highly recommend cold press juicing.  Many juicing bars or Whole foods type of stores carry cold press juicing.   If you can afford a cold press juicer , I recommend a Norwalk juicer. Cold press juices are made without heat created by friction that so many juicers create during the juicing process.   Cold press juicing  allows the nutrients and electrical components of the fruits and veggies to stay in tact without being destroyed.  The purity of the foods we eat are vital for the health of our cells.

Your cold press juices can contain nut milks, veggies, greens and fruits.   I recommend drinking a juice every hour with lemon water between juices.   8-9 juices a day would be a good goal. 


4 WAY HERBAL KIT - To be taken 3 times or as instructed in kit. 


4. Raw Food 

The raw food cleanse is the most gentle of the four cleanses while still producing amazing results.  


When you cook food you kill it -  Cooked foods are altered energetically and become acid forming foods. 


Everything on this planet is physics (energy)  and chemistry.  Raw foods contain the electrical magnitude and alkalizing properties our bodies require to feed and repair our cells.  


The health of our body relies on the condition of our terrain.   Providing an environment where viruses, parasites, fungus, harmful bacterias can not thrive is the key to health.   


We are homo sapiens therefore we are prominently fruit eaters - we thrive on fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds, fruity veggies.  Greens are difficult for us to digest because we are not herbivores.  Cows have 3 stomachs to break down greens, grasses, foliage - However we can tolerate greens in moderation and I have found juicing greens seems to benefit me nicely in moderation of course.  Listen to your body.. what feels good for you... This cleanse is more open for you to decide what works best.  Just  making sure you stick with all raw.   There are some amazing raw food recipes that are absolutely out of this world!!! 

I have listed of few of my favorites sites to find some great recipes and will be adding some of my favorite recipes on this site - If you find a great recipe or come up with one please share it with us!


- Begin the day with melon and a cup of herbal tea. 

- Graze on grapes, berries, or trail mix every hour between meals

- Make sure you drink lemon water throughout the day.  never be without it

- Raw food recipes.. some of my favorite raw food sites        

4 WAY HERBAL KIT - To be taken 3 times a day or as instructed in kit. ​


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